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We do not accept insurance funding. However, if you have a qualifying medical condition and your insurance plan has out-of-network benefits, you can see any licensed practitioner and file for reimbursement through your benefit plan. At the time of the appointment, you are financially responsible for the service fees, but we will provide you with an invoice and the services codes to submit to your insurance.


For those without a qualifying diagnosis or out-of-network policy- you may be able to utilize a flexible spending account.


Our decision to not participate with insurance funding allows us to focus our time on providing the best care possible without corporate interference limiting our clinical recommendations.

BCBA Services:

Observation/Assessments - 

Program Analysis/Modifications - $100/hr

Direct Implementation - $125/hr

Treatment Guidance - $100/hr

RBT Services:

Observation/Assessments- $55/hr

Direct Implementation - $55/hr

Treatment Guidance - $40/hr

Student Analyst Services:

Individual Supervision - $100/hr

Group Supervision - $50/hr

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